Plant Optimisation

Plant Optimisation

Plant Optimisation with Green Flare

Plant Optimisation

Optimisation is Green Flare's flagship service. Our objective is to significantly improve the operating efficiency of your wastewater treatment plant. Plant optimisation delivers on a number of parameters:

  • Significant cost reduction
  • Significant carbon-footprint reduction
  • Improved equipment life

Green Flare's optimisation is offered on a 'no win, no fee' basis. Our fee is based on a proportion of the savings we make for you.
So when Green Flare finish a project, your business will be better off. And if we don't deliver measurable savings in your bottom line, you pay us nothing. Many of our competitors see working this way as an unacceptable commercial exposure. We see it as putting our money where our mouth is.

Green Flare's Optimisation Process

The optimisation process starts with a site visit, during which we will benchmark the performance of your plant against a series of key measures including:

  • Power usage
  • Gas usage
  • Chemical usage
  • Personnel time


Based on our findings, we'll identify the areas where savings can be made. Typically, we expect to identify a number of low-cost operational changes which will yield significant efficiency savings. The savings vary from plant to plant, but can be in excess of twenty percent.

Working closely with your operational staff, Green Flare will then implement any modifications required. Optimisation is a long term process, and we generally expect to continue to work closely with you over a period of several months following our initial site visit, with repeat visits and regular contact as required. Our open-ended approach to optimisation means that we can help to establish any operational changes, ensuring that you will continue to save money well into the future.


At Green Flare, believe that optimisation is only justified if it saves you money. For this reason, we charge no up-front fees. Instead, we take a percentage of the savings we make in the operating costs for each plant we optimise.
We will agree the details with you before starting work, and we take great care to make the financial aspects of the optimisation absolutely transparent. Green Flare's fee structure is weighted to ensure you will always see an overall saving in the operating costs of your wastewater treatment plant. And in the unlikely event that we are unable to make any savings, you pay us nothing.

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