About us

About us

We founded Green Flare with a single, simple aim – to significantly raise the standard in the wastewater services industry. We offer clever and practical wastewater consulting services that add real value to our customers, at the most competitive possible price.

What we do for our customers

What can Green Flare's services do for you? They’ll make your life easier. If you are responsible for the operation or management of a wastewater treatment plant, our services will help you get the best from it. We can help you reduce energy and treatment costs, improve overall efficiency, reduce environmental impact, optimise new plant, and resolve short-term issues. We’ve helped clients in the water, manufacturing, process, and leisure services industries.

What makes us different

At Green Flare, we’re committed to giving our clients hands-on,practical answers. We don't believe 'consulting' should mean writing a report, then leaving you to figure out what to do with it.We always offer practical assistance too.

And because all our team have extensive hands-on experience of wastewater plant operation, you can trust us to work on your plant as well as talk about it.

We believe that consulting services should be clearly defined, easily understood, and offer tangible benefits. With this in mind, we‘ve developed a portfolio of simple, well defined services which deliver real benefits to our clients.

We’re also committed to keeping costs as low as possible. Unlike many traditional firms, we operate a virtual office and make the best use of modern technology to allow our staff to work effectively from anywhere in the UK, so they can be with you whenever you need them. Our innovative approach and ultra-low overheads ensure the best possible value for our clients.

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