Practical Wastewater Consulting Services

We founded Green Flare with a single, simple aim - to significantly raise the standard in the wastewater services industry. We offer clever and practical wastewater consulting services that add real value to our customers, at the most competitive possible price.

Our practical services offer our clients real benefits; no matter how large or small your wastewater treatment plant is, we can help you get the best from it.Whether you need help solving a problem, want to save money, or need to plan for your future needs, get in touch to find out how Green Flare's consulting services can help you.

At Green Flare, we offer three core services


Plant Optimisation find out more

Plant Strategy

Plant Strategy Development find out more

Call-out and
Disaster Recovery

Emergency Call-out and Disaster Recovery find out more

What Makes Green Flare Different?

Typically, wastewater consultancy firms fall into two categories. Large firms offer broad experience, but need to maintain a large office base, which can make their services expensive. Small firms don't need large offices, but don't always have the deep experience or diverse expertise you need.

At Green Flare we have practical, hands-on experience of working with wastewater treatment plants of all shapes and sizes. We use a virtual-office approach which makes us flexible and mobile while keeping our costs down. Since we don't have the overhead costs associated with running a large office, we can offer our services at extremely competitive rates. Being as mobile as possible also means we can be with you when you need us most.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't believe in turning up, fixing whatever's wrong, and then disappearing off into the sunset. Sometimes it takes time for changes to bed in, sometimes problems recur, and sometimes you just need more than one day's worth of help. So, many of Green Flare's services are long term.

Fee Structures

Our optimisation service includes support for up to a year, with no upfront fees. And since we believe that optimisation should offer you tangible benefits, we don't charge fees at all - instead, we take a share of the savings you make in operating your plant.

Our other services are costed on a transparent day-rate basis - kept lean and trim by our low cost overhead structure. We're confident you'll be surprised by how competitive we are.

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